Friday, July 30, 2010

GPWindow is like a Supermarket for Dynamics GP (only everything is Free!)

In Steve Krug’s highly recommended book on Usability - “Don’t Make me Think”, Krug compares Searching vs. Browsing a website to the difference between asking a clerk for help and simply walking through the aisles in a supermarket, until you find what you're looking for.


Here’s the flow chart from Krug’s book -


Finding GP Information on GPWindow.com -

1. For people who look for Department Signs and walk the aisles (Browse the Categories)

You can review the 200+ categories in GP Window, and browse straight to the top content in a category.

I highly recommend using “CTRL + F” to look for a category. In the introductory post on GPWindow.com I had listed the Top Categories and some of the top posts in those categories.


2. For People who ask the clerk (Use Search).

You can search using Custom Search Engine which is prominent on every page in GPWindow. You will be shown results from the Dynamics GP MVPs and experts. As only GP Specific websites are indexed by this search engine your chances of finding a relevant result are higher.


Personally, I almost always ask the clerks, on my first time in a supermarket, and then love going straight to the departments . Rubal rarely asks even if she has to walk up and down the aisles many times (she likes the categories)!

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