Wednesday, August 18, 2010

GP Security Does not work

Recently there was a question in the newsgroups where a user had the problem that their roles were not working correctly. Users with a particular security role could see the windows they were not supposed to see. The problem seemed complicated, but the solution was simple.

It turned out, with the help of MVP Leslie Vail, that the problem was just that the security checkbox was not checked on in the company setup window!

Mark covered this in his weekly review - “You MUST check the Security checkbox in Tools-Setup-Company-Company if you want security to be active.” http://msdynamicsgp.blogspot.com/2009/08/weekly-review-that-little-security.html


David Musgrave said...

I had a support case with the same issue.

"Why does User A have access to windows in one company but not in another when the Roles assigned are the same?"

Answer: Because security was not enabled in the first company.

The Support Debugging Tool's Security Information window highlights when this checkbox is not selected with a bold red warning message.

Support Debugging Tool Portal Page


Jivtesh Singh said...

Cool! Thats good to know!