Tuesday, August 24, 2010

GP SQL Scripts, Modifier with VBA, and GP Learning Resources

Mariano Gomez has just updated his excellent GP blog, and setup three excellent pages -

GP SQL Scripts Page – Mariano has listed his excellent SQL Scripts.  Most of Mariano’s scripts are also highly rated in the SQL Scripts section of GPWindow.

Modifier with VBA Page – Lots of VBA and other code samples.

GP Learning Resources  - This page has tutorials and links to links to Mariano’s presentations at Convergence and other Conferences.



Check out the new pages, Mariano is an expert GP consultant and almost everything he puts on his blog is stuff that would be useful to most people implementing GP.

As a side note earlier today I was searching for Management Reporter on GPWindow, and the new auto-complete, which is calculated dynamically on basis of the most used keywords in the GP Blogs and forums showed me “Mariano” in the list! I guess it just goes on to show how much work Mariano has done in the GP Community.


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