Sunday, August 22, 2010

GPWindow Now Searches Dynamics GP Communities and Forums (Alpha Version)

Most people know and refer to the blog posts by GP Experts which are searchable and categorized at GPWindow. However, there is incredible amount of data buried and available via the GP Community Forums and Newsgroups.

The red hot Dynamics GP Community forum already has over 2,452 topics and multiple replies to most topics. The GP Public Newsgroups are being phased out, but they have a gold mine of over 90,000 posts.

In an effort to make that information more readily available, GPWindow now has GP Forums and Groups search

Go on, give it a shot - www.GPWindow.com 





Notes -

  1. This is an alpha version. Although most posts in GP Community are indexed, only a portion of the GP Public newsgroups are currently indexed.
  2. Try the search – having one place where you can search the awesome GP Blogs, and tens of thousands of forum posts, might save you some time. If you have any feedback, feel free to email me at jivtesh AT gmail DOT com or add your comment!

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Anonymous said...


How can I work with languages like Chinise, Japanies...in Dynamics GP10? i.e., I want to enter data with different languages and generate reports on that specific language.