Friday, October 1, 2010

Security Task/Role associated with a Dynamics GP Window

One of the most common GP queries is “How to give access to a GP Window” ? David Musgrave from Microsoft has covered this in detail in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Application Level Security Series -

I have used both the options a few times, and love them. However, sometimes when you are on the phone guiding somebody who does not have Support Debugging Tool or experience with SQL, this get tough.

So with some excellent coding from Rubal – GPWindow.com now has a Security Task/Role lookup page – You can search for Roles or Tasks for a GP Window or Report. This page -

Search for “Sales Transaction Entry”, shows you the Roles and Tasks that contain this Window.

TIP - Try typing in the full window name for better performance. Single words will mean slower results.




Search for “Transaction Upload” and it lets you know that no Inbuilt security Role has this Window. It points you to this article- Setting up a Security Task/Role for a GP Window or Report




Note -

  1. This page only shows data from the inbuilt roles and tasks. If you have custom tasks, I would recommend following instructions from David’s article.
  2. Try and type in the full Window name for better results.

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