Monday, April 16, 2012

Are you still using FRx ?

I know you’ve probably had a long relationship. You have had your share of troubles, and joys. I am pretty sure it has been an emotional ride – and its difficult to let go. However, it is time.

FRx is not supported on 64 bit, and as far as I know it will not be supported in GP 2013. There are viable alternatives out – Management Reporter from Microsoft has a new version, MR 2012 is looking good, and there is a nice migration path to upgrade your FRx reports.

Check out this post by David Musgrave which is a nice summary of resources The Management Reporter 2012 Lowdown - Developing for Dynamics GP

Another very nice alternative pointed out by my friend Michael Zurzolo is BI 360, which is an excellent excel based Financial Reporting tool -  http://www.solverusa.com/products/frx

So please, start planning to move away from FRx. 

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