Thursday, May 3, 2012

Help Improve Dynamics GP

Back when I was in college, we used to have a horrible college magazine. There was a magazine board of about 15-20 people, who would work hard every month to get the magazine out. I was a part of the majority crowd, who would criticize the magazine when it came out every month. On one of the walls in my room – I had pasted all the worst articles. On another, I had all the awesome articles from a few years back when the magazine was pretty cool. I passionately hated the current magazine.

Every year the magazine board would chose a new leader. The only guy running that year was somebody I thought, was as bad as the last leader. Late one night, my friends and I were ranting about how our college will continue to have the worst magazine ever. Right around then, one of my friends, Vidur, told me – “Jivtesh, you know you can continue, cribbing about the magazine for another year, or you run against that guy, and make a change”.

I laughed at the suggestion. It was one of my toughest years in college, I was already working a tough job on the side, so it was a silly decision. However, I decided to run, won and tried to make a difference. The next year was summarized in one brief moment in the college cafeteria, which I will always cherish. We had just released the final version – and I along with my co-editors Vishal and Karan walked into the college cafeteria. The loud cafeteria grew silent for a moment, as all the kids stood up – and clapped….

It’s a thought that still cheers me up.  That was the long story.

Here’s your short task. If you have ever been frustrated about a feature missing in Dynamics GP, you can make a difference. Mark Polino tells you how - 

DynamicAccounting.net: Dynamic Future–Vote - Unit Account should have the option to clear at year end

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