Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cool Office Tip for Taking Screenshots

I am a big fan of SnagIT – for taking screenshots for documentation. It easily saves me hours every week, and maintains a history.

Earlier today while onsite at a customer, and naturally not everybody in the world wants to buy a screenshot capturing tool. I was using Snipping Tool that comes in with Windows. Its pretty nifty, but takes a couple of extra steps when compared to SnagIT – take a screenshot, copy it ,and then paste it to Word.

I was cribbing about how I was wasting 2 seconds every minute, and a co-worker here showed me the cool “Insert Screenshot” feature in Microsoft Word 2010. Apparently you can go into Insert > Screenshot and it shows you all open windows and you can quickly insert screenshots into Work or an Outlook Email! Very cool!



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Anonymous said...

Hi Jivtesh,
Thanks for using Snagit, we are so happy that our tool is able to save you some precious time!

Warm regards,
Renee Badra
Online Community Specialist
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