Saturday, December 1, 2012

Willoware releases patches for GP Manufacturing bugs

The wizards at Willoware have releases fixes for a couple of GP Manufacturing bugs as part of their MFG PowerPack.   Please see details from Brenner Klenzman below. The patch and fix are free.  Just contact Dee Dee Rea at ddrea at willoware.com to get a registration key and download instructions.

I want to draw your attention to a couple of Manufacturing bugs in GP2010 SP3 and beyond (we’ve seen them in the GP2013 releases so far).

Purchase Request Resolution: the Advanced Query no longer works.  Running an Advanced Query causes no change in the records displayed.

Quite more significantly, Backward Infinite Scheduling has a bug.  If you have a routing sequence (any sequence other than the first) that has Queue Time but no Cycle Time, MFG will generate a “divide by zero” error.

We have addressed both of these issues with a couple of free fixes in our MFG PowerPack module.

· PRR: this one we were able to completely fix, and restore the expected functionality.

· Backward Infinite Scheduling: the source of this error is deep in the dex source code and we are not able to “fix” it.  However, we have a “patch” that automatically sets the Working Routing Cycle Time = 0.00001 where Cycle Time = 0 and Queue Time > 0.  Note that this is just updating the Working Routing, so the “master record” will remain untouched with the original values…so that when MS does fix this you can just shut-off the patch.  We’re calling this a “patch” because it prevents the error, but doesn’t really fix it and isn’t ideal—it could have an effect on scheduling for large run sizes.

Any customer who needs the fix/patch will need to register for MFG PowerPack, but it’s free.  Two options will appear in the Setup window.  Once MS releases a fix, which they are saying will not be until SP4, you can just unmark these options.

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