Monday, April 15, 2013

Can we move to the GP web client ?

At the Dynamics GP Expo during Convergence, almost everybody who stopped by to look at the Web Client was impressed. Their immediate question was – “Can our company move to the web client?”

The answer naturally depends on a lot of things specific to your install -

  • Are you using HR/Payroll ? You would want to wait till SP1 is release in mid-April
  • Are you using Field Service, Project accounting ? Wait till Phase 3 is released – tentatively 6 months after phase 2
  • Are you using Manufacturing ? Wait a little more…
  • Which ISV / Add-On products are you using with Dynamics GP ? Check with your partner if the product is compatible with the web client. A lot of ISV’s I spoke to were waiting for GP 2013 web client SP1 to be released before releasing their compatible products. SP1 is out  mid-April – so check with your ISV to find out if they are compatible with the web client.
  • Are you using Workflow ? – Wait to move to the web client
  • Are you using any VBA / Winforms customizations ? You need to upgrade them to be compatible with the web client. Leslie has a course going on.  Rubal has also written about Migrating VBA Customizations to VS Tools for Dynamics GP.

After those initial tough questions – you can start getting excited about the web client like everybody else.

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