Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GP Web Client–Go for Hybrid Deployment

One of the things people tend to get confused about the web client is that they think – “If I use the web client, everybody will have to use web client, and there will be no windows client”

Quite the opposite – GP Web client is the new kid on the block that works well with others. Web client is an alternative deployment method. Just like you can run GP on a terminal server, and on your local machine – you now have one additional option.

I know that most of our customers are and will be going for a Hybrid Deployment with the web client -

Here’s a sample configuration

1. 20 users on the web client – Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables Clerks use the web client to enter transactions during the day.

2. 5 Accounting Users with windows client installs or one a terminal server – These are the users who use Integration Manager, and Excel Based Budgeting (two options which are not available on the web client).

So in this case the having 20 users on the web client the customer is able to save on the terminal server licenses, and simplify deployment and upgrades.

At the same time the advanced users can continue using the Windows client for Dynamics GP.

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Vaidy said...

This is precisely going to be my first web client implementation would have. If any customer is having Cashbook Bank Management (CBM) along with core finance module, then we are again left with no option than to leave them on desktop client, unless current Web Client version supports CBM.