Friday, March 21, 2014

Dynamics GP Image in Azure VM Gallery

So its a Friday evening, and here I am trying to improve my personal record for setting up GP on Azure. I go into Azure Gallery, and what do I see – “Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Developer image”!

How cool is this ? I can now pop up new builds with GP in a heartbeat. Use them for a few days and dispose them. All from my tiny notebook!

Provisioning the Virtual Machine took around 10 minutes, and I was logging into GP in another 5 minutes. Brilliant Microsoft!

Time to play  the Pointer Sisters – “I’m so excited” 

The Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Developer image is an offering exclusive to MSDN subscribers. The image includes a pre-configured environment for building integrations and customizations for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. The image includes the same software as the Visual Studio Premium 2013 gallery image. In addition, it has the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 software components, including Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics GP SDK, Dexterity for Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP. The image also contains configuration scripts for installing Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client and Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Refer to the "Getting started with the Microsoft Dynamics GP Developer Image" link on the desktop for additional information.





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Miguel Lozano said...

Took me longer to read the post than to go and test it, and itcomes with the WebClient. Great find Jivtesh.