Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dynamics CRM 2016 Online vs On Premise

Over the last few years with incremental releases for Dynamics CRM – Microsoft has had to maintain a balance for online and on-premise customers. Naturally this is a challenge for Microsoft – keeping the two versions in sync, keeping the agility of pushing out updates online, and keeping the core on premise customers happy. So far Microsoft is doing a good job, barring the complains from some on premise customers that they are often left waiting for a year or more for a new feature when compared with CRM online customers.  At the same time the conservative on premise customers are happy that when they get a feature – its been tested by thousands of online customers.

Anyway, to simplify the challenging online vs onpremise feature discussion Microsoft has a feature comparison up now.

CRM 2016 - Online vs on-premises features FAQ

I recommend reviewing the article before proceeding. Below are the online only features

  • Analytics - Power Query connector streamlines connections to CRM Online
  • Create a task flow in CRM for phones and tablets (Preview feature)
  • Share the knowledge base with Parature / Integration with Parature
  • Use surveys to collect feedback from customers
  • Email - Dynamics CRM App for Outlook for Exchange Online
  • Delve (Exchange Online optional for attachments). SharePoint Online license required

I have excluded features like maintaining online instances as there is no point of having them in onpremise. As you can see – the difference is pretty minimal, and the only feature I am actually jealous about as a onpremise customer is Parature integration which is in its infancy right now anyway.

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