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Dynamics GP 9 to GP 2016 (New features in each version)

The Microsoft Dynamics GP product team has been doing a fantastic job rolling out new incremental releases every year. In an ideal world – most people would try and stay up to date with the most recent release taking advantage of new performance and feature enhancements. However, most people like to wait out a release or two, and sometimes longer when you have a lot of customizations.

Most good partners and consultants normally recommend not staying more than 2 version behind. As long as you are keeping track of the official support lifecycle – you should be okay. Once in a while you run into people with really old installs. Companies who dont invest in IT, and are fine paying more $ in supporting an old version. When convincing such companies – I normally try and use something like the below to shown them everything they have missed out by not upgrading to the recent version. I have found it to be extremely helpful.

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Dynamics GP 9, GP 10, GP 2010, GP 2010 R2, GP 2013 & GP 2013 R2, GP 2015, GP 2015 R2, GP 2016

Comparison of Microsoft Dynamics GP's Different Versions – GP 9.0 to 2016

Functional Area

GP 2016

(Will be updated as released this year)

Financials and Compliance

· Create Exception Report on Budget Import

· Simplify Analytical Accounting User Access Settings

Human Resources and US Payroll

Ease of Use

· Remove Inactive Payroll Pay Codes (US centric thingy)

· Simplify Payroll Posting Setup

Distribution and Manufacturing

All-in-One Document View

· The new All-in-One Document View provides users a look at all related inventory or sales documents for a transaction in a single window. All-in-One Documents will be accessible from the Customer Maintenance area, many sales inquiry windows, navigation menus and the home page.

Service and Project

Business Intelligence Reporting

· With the advent of GP 2016 Power BI Reports, users will be able to access important data right on the home page. This will allow your team a quick snapshot of the data they care about the most.

Foundation Enhancement


· Several changes to Smart Lists will help GP 2016 save time. The ability to export and import SmartList definitions from SmartList Designer will shave some time off reporting, and being able to create a new SmartList from a Favorite using Designer will reduce mouse clicks. This new functionality is more convenient than having to remove unnecessary columns from the default SmartList.

Core Enhancements

· Purchasing Requisitions – Project Integration

· HTTPS Support for Management Reporter Viewer

· Multiple Page Scan

· Default EFT File Formats For Scotia Bank

· Change Workflow Approval Conditions

· Enable Credit card Payment Type for Check Run Processing

· Increase Distribution Reference Field Size

· Named User Licensing Support for Self Service User Type

· Document Attach for Project Expenses

HTML5 Client

· To provide a friendlier user experience via mobile devices, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 introduces an HTML5 interface. This eliminates the need for Silverlight to run the Dynamics GP Web Client. Users will now be able to use Microsoft Dynamics GP from any device that supports HTML5 web browsers such as iPads and Android so they can take advantage of all its functions using popular browsers like Safari, Chrome and Firefox.



Functional Area

Dynamics GP 2015 R2

Financials and Compliance

Automatically deposit cash receipts: Cash receipts deposits are posted automatically
Date effective tax rates
Enable Email on All Purchase Orders and Sales orders
Analytical Accounting Transaction Lists:

· List include more data

· Include a column for each transaction dimension

· Improvements apply to: SmartLists and Excel Reports

Payable Transaction Approval Workflow Type:

· Workflow approval for a single transaction in payable transaction entry

· Define workflow process for payables invoices; charges; credit memos; and returns

Visual Indicator for Customer Credit Limit:

· New option that determine how and when you are notified of a customer who is over the credit limit you set for them.

· In Receivables setup, you can select to display an icon or give a warning message for a customer who is over their limit.

Combine Open and History Inquiries:

· View open and historical information in the same window for summary inquiry, detail inquiry and for account summary.

· Any GoTo's or drill backs will now go to the single window instead of the user picking open or history.

Historical Received Not Invoiced Report

· A new SSRS report shows what was received into inventory but not invoiced, as of a date you specify. The cutoff date can be either the transaction date or the General Ledger posting date.

Human Resources and US Payroll

Mask SSN on Payroll and HR Reports:

· Masks the employee social security number on selected reports

· For selected reports, the Social security mask will appear as XXX-XX-XXXX when rendered

Time Management APP:

· The time management app will allow GP Employees to enter vacation and sick time in payroll or time off against benefit timecodes within HR. The app is available for Windows 8, iOS iPad devices and Android tablets.

View W2 for ESS:

· With Employee Self Service W2, the employee can now view and print their own W2.

· The action will display on the Time Management home page part.

Workflow – Payables Transaction Approval

· A new workflow type for Payables Transaction approval in Workflow Maintenance is now available.

Distribution and Manufacturing

Historical Received-not-Invoiced Report:

· Created a new SQL Reporting Service Report to have a cutoff date based on transaction date or GL post-date to allow customers to use the report for historical purposes.

Purchasing All-in-One Document View: View all related purchasing documents for a single transaction in one window:

· Select a purchasing invoice and window will refresh to show POs, receipts, payments, etc.

· Accessible from vendor maintenance; many purchasing inquiry windows; navigation lists and the home page.

Service and Project

Scriptable GP Provisioning and Management:

· PowerShell cmdlets

· Templates - set parameters; override with run specific parameters

· Remoting - execute cmdlet on remote computers

Foundation Enhancement

Self Service User License: A self-service user type is added in the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 release. Self-service type users can perform a specific set of tasks that include entering hours, recording time spent on projects and or related expenses, or creating a requisition. Support for an additional user type of Self Service –

· Limits the navigation and functionality to essential tasks the self-service user will need

· Security roles tailored to the self-service user type

· Enables user to quickly filter tasks that are available to each user type.

Enable e-mail support for all document formats:

· Support all sales order processing document formats - blank; short; long and other

· Support all purchase order processing document formats - blank; short; long and other

Document attachments for Workflow e-mail: Send Document Attachments files with workflow task notification emails –

· Scan payable invoices and attach it to the transaction

· Submit through workflow

· Workflow notification e-mail will have scanned invoice attached along with pertinent details of payables invoice for the approver.

Workflow – Payables Transaction Approval

· A new workflow type for Payables Transaction approval in Workflow Maintenance is now available. When you set up and mark this workflow active, the Payables Transaction Approval workflow type will allow you to submit and approve transactions in the Payables Transaction Entry window.

Reporting Enhancements - The following enhancements are made to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2
Display Debits before Credits

· Default SmartList Visibility

· Workflow SmartList Designer Create View Approval

· Sales Visual Customer over Credit limit function

Combine General Ledger Inquiry
VAT Tax Routine -
The VAT Tax Routine is enhanced to identify cash receipt overpayments that have been posted and applied to invoices for which the discount was not taken and the VAT tax amount was calculated on the original invoice.



Functional Area

Dynamics GP 2015

Financials and Compliance

Additional workflow functionality:

· General Ledger batch approval

· Payables batch approval

· Vendor approval

· Receivables batch approval

· Employee skills approval

· W4 approval

· Project expense report approval

Intercompany enhancements: Information for intercompany transactions is now easier to see and intercompany transaction processing has been changed to provide improve efficiency
Warning of vendors that have purchase orders: An option has been added to the Payables Management Setup window that displays a warning that open purchase orders exist in the system before the transaction can be saved or posted. The warning displays when entering a payables transaction to help prevent entries in the wrong module.
Fixed Assets year-end close report:
An optional report is now available when you close a year in Fixed Assets. The assets that are included on the report are categorized by asset book and are listed according to their asset IDs.

Human Resources and US Payroll

Employee self-service enhancements: Now employees can view and edit their own information in their employee profile, skills and training, view and print pay stubs, update federal tax withholding information on form W-4, enroll or withdraw from benefits, and enter or update direct deposit information. Key features include:

· View and edit employee profile

· Employee paystubs

· W4 withholding information

· Direct deposit

· Employee benefits

· Employee skills and training

Skills and training list notification for approvers
Approval list of employee self-service tasks

Distribution and Manufacturing

Edit e-mail for historical documents - sales and purchases: Now you can edit and re-send email messages that contain sales or purchasing documents that have been sent to customers or vendors. The new option is available from the Sales inquiry Zoom and Purchase Inquiry Zoom windows, if the ability to send documents using e-mail has been enabled for the company you're working in.
Payment Terms: Additional options have been added to the Payment Terms Setup window that provide more flexibility and greater control over how discount dates and transaction due dates are calculated wherever payment terms are used.

Service and Project

Service-based architecture: The move to service based architecture promotes efficiency and flexibility for system implementers and IT managers who deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP from the cloud. This enhancement offers the ability to centralize and automate provisioning and management of Microsoft Dynamics GP, including provisioning new customers, upgrading existing customers to a newer version, adding new companies as needed, and reconfiguring existing customers using APIs and PowerShell commands.

Foundation Enhancement

Identity management: The identity management enhancement enables you to log into your Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client user account with your organizational account (Azure Active Directory (AD) account). This alleviates the need to log in separately to access your network, SQL Server database and Microsoft Dynamics GP, relying instead on a single secure log in to deliver access to your GP workspace.

Copy user settings:
The copy home page enhancement can save time when setting up new user records by enabling you to copy the home page roles, home page content and area page settings for one user to a different user. Copying settings replaces any settings that were in place for the destination user. Any user with access to set up or edit user records of Microsoft Dynamics GP users can copy home page settings.
Management Reporter integration options: Two new options that were added to the Company Setup Options window allow you to specify whether to use information from General Ledger, Analytical Accounting, or both when using Management Reporter to create financial statements. Because these options are selected for a company, you now have more choices over what data to include in financial reports across your organization.
Single sign on through integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to help users work seamlessly across Microsoft Dynamics GP, Office 365, and other cloud-based applications.



Functional Area

Dynamics GP 2013 & 2013 R2

Financials and Compliance

Reverse Fiscal Year

· Ability to reverse the GL Year

· End Close process

· Will open the previously closed fiscal year

· Will warn users to create backups and verify all users out of GP prior to process

Fixed Assets Default Asset ID from Asset Class

· New option for Asset IDs

· More quickly set up asset records

Integration of Multicurrency revaluation with
Analytical Accounting
Copy and Paste to General Ledger

· Ability to paste from Excel to General Ledger

· Will validate the data that is being pasted into the Transaction Entry

Reprint outstanding transactions report from
Bank Reconciliation

· Reprint Outstanding Transactions Report

· Print posting report after posting

Default Sort Order for Payables Checks
General Ledger:

· Clear balances of unit accounts during year-end close process

· Keep inactive accounts with zero balances during the year-end close

· View status during the year-end close

· View net change and period balances for unit accounts at the same time

· General Ledger batch approval information is stored

· Reconcile subledgers to General Ledger

Payables Management

· Edit payables information

· Reprint remittance forms and check stubs

· Information for voiding reconciled payments

· Voiding check enhancements

Human Resources and US Payroll


Distribution and Manufacturing

Suggested Item

· Sales script for each item

· Analyze option to suggest quantities

· New fields: Price, Qty. Available, Site ID

Assign an Item to multiple Sites
Payables Prepayment Additions

· Integrate with Analytical Accounting, Multi-Dimensional Analysis, Cash Flow management and Project Accounting

· Show PO Number in Check Inquiry

Service and Project


Foundation Enhancement


· New design in core with workflow; Order items and goods; Combine requisitions to a single PO


· Replace existing workflow inside Core

· Four Approval Workflows: Purchase Order, Requisition, Project Time and Time and Attendance

Web Client Functionality:

· Self Service Home Page; Time & Attendance; Project Time Requisitions; Workflow; Identity Management

SmartList Designer Additions:

· Create New Go To; Integrate with Existing Go To Options; Open Form, Navigation List, SmartList, or Web Page

Take Company Offline:

· Limit company access for maintenance; Assign user with access; Message users

Microsoft Azure Backup:

· Disaster recovery

· Restore directly to/from Windows Azure Storage

· Option in Microsoft Dynamics GP window

Print Reaming Docs for Email:

· Print and E-mail in one step

· Available for E-mail batch Process

· Available for E-mail Statements Process

Email or Print any report in Microsoft Word:

· Ability to send reports in Word format

· Ability to print reports as Word templates

· Use Word tools to modify the reports

Identity Management:

· Simplify Web Client login; Reduce Identity Maintenance between apps; Support companion app and Service Based Architecture scenarios



Functional Area

Dynamics GP 2010 R2

Financials and Compliance

Collections Management

· Allow entry of an email subject as a default

· Attach Collection Notes to credit documents

· Additional letter functions for credit documents

Human Resources and US Payroll


Distribution and Manufacturing


Service and Project

Contract Administration:

· Add contract line holds - You can place a hold on contract lines to prevent any billing or revenue recognition on individual contract lines until the hold is removed. The hold field is added to the Contract Maintenance - Lines window. If you’ve been using holds at the site level, this functionality is enhanced by placing the hold on all contract lines that have a matching Site ID.

Returns Management:

· Reprint RTV Packing List

· Return Traveler document prints upon receipt

Preventive Maintenance:

· Assign PM Schedules to range of items

SmartList Builder

· Publish multiple Excel reports at once

· Set the default column order in SmartList Builder

· Drill Down to Extender and SmartLists

· Multi-company Excel Reports in a Single Excel Worksheet

· Update multiple field settings at one time

· Matched Table Enhancements

Foundation Enhancement

Business Analyzer: You can use Business Analyzer to help you make business decisions by viewing Microsoft Dynamics GP reports from your desktop.
E-mail functionality:

· Sending reports and documents in e-mail messages

· Sending customized messages

Home Page:

· Modifying a metric

· Opening a metric in Report Viewer

Installation and deployment features: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for Receivables Management is installed along with Microsoft Dynamics GP instead of as a separately selectable Microsoft Dynamics GP feature.
List Performance Enhancements: List views provide a view of your data that you can customize in a variety of ways. In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2, improvements were made to the speed at which the information is displayed, enabling you to spend your time using the list rather than waiting for it to display.

· Report deployment - You can deploy SQL Services Reporting Services reports and Microsoft Excel report using the Report Tools Setup window in Microsoft Dynamics GP. You also can use the window to redeploy reports or deploy reports to a different location.



Functional Area

Dynamics GP 2010

Financials and Compliance

General ledger:

· Exclude inactive accounts in Accounts lookup

· Clear recurring batch amounts

· Combine multiple General Ledger budgets into a single, master budget

· Comply with IFRS requirements

· Create budget transactions

Payables Management:

· Exclude inactive vendors in Vendors lookup

· Exclude expired discounts from payments

· Select multiple ranges for payables check runs

· Vendor approval workflow added

Receivables Management:

· Enter negative cash receipts

· Enter recurring cash receipts batches

· Exclude inactive customers in Customers lookup

· Exclude inactive salespeople from Salespeople lookup

· Set up lockboxes at payment processing centers

Collections Management:

· View unposted cash amounts

· Receive collection reminders

· Print collection letters by address ID

Analytical Accounting:

· Integrate with Payroll (United States)

· Automatic security for transaction dimension codes

Electronic Banking:

· Create or revise bank format information used to generate EFT files for sales EFT transactions using the EFT File Format Maintenance window.

· Define an EFT number sequence EFT numbers for sales EFT transactions.

· Require Receivables pre-note only if your bank requires pre-notes.

· Select a single format for the output file or enter multiple formats to tailor a format to a customer.

· Generate electronic payments for customers using the Generate EFT Files window.

Encumbrance Management:

· Configure encumbrance behavior for approved purchase orders

Human Resources and US Payroll

Human Resources:

· Assign employee secondary status codes

· Easier setup of position control plans and funding

U.S. Payroll:

· Exclude inactive employees in Employees lookup

· Map pay, deduction, and benefit codes to multiple W-2 boxes

· More flexibility when deducting multiple garnishments

· Process concurrent pay runs

· Reprint paystubs and earnings statements

· Track fiscal year values for pay, benefits, and deductions

· Use workflow to manage employee onboarding

· Use workflow to manage employee maintenance

Advanced Human Resources

· Use security tasks and roles for the Human Resources and Payroll Suite

· View and print Excel-based reports for Certification, License and Training Manager

Advanced Payroll:

· Use menu navigation for pay policy management “Use Add-On” functionality

Benefit Self Service:

· Track the benefit enrollment process

· View and print benefit self service confirmation statements

U.S. Payroll Extensions:

· Create differential pay transactions more easily

· Use multiple overtime rate calculation methods per pay code

· Specify payroll edit report preferences

PTO Manager:

· Assign paid time off (PTO) configurations to employees

Distribution and Manufacturing

Inventory Control:

· Exclude discontinued items from Items lookup

· Go To navigation added

Purchase Order Processing:

· Roll down promised date and promised ship date changes

· Link invoicing to whether any received goods are returned

· Define lot number masks

Sales Order Processing:

· Print back ordered items on picking tickets

Manufacturing Enhancements:

· Right-click menu enabled

· Production Functions enhancements

· Changing standard costs

Service and Project

Service Call Management:

· Automatically move billed service calls to history

· Check links in the Field Service Series

· Enter non-inventoried items

· Escalate service calls to multiple manager levels

· Generate payables vouchers for subcontractor charges

· Post labor information to U.S. Payroll

· Set up templates for restocking technician inventory

· Use kit items in the Field Service Series

Contract Administration:

· Add contract line holds

· Assign multiple service hour ranges per day on contracts

· Check links in the Field Service Series

· Enhanced contract lookup windows

· Bill contract activity for each site to a specific address

· Consolidate billing for multiple contracts on one invoice

· Define more flexible billing frequencies

· Reconcile contract revenue with General Ledger

Returns Management:

· Reprint RTV Packing List

· Return Traveler document prints upon receipt

Preventive Maintenance:

· Assign PM Schedules to range of items

· Preventive maintenance event generation options

Benefit allocation feature enhanced:

· Benefit Allocation window

· Cost Category Class Setup window

· Benefit Cost Category Accounts window

· Budget Maintenance window

· Benefit Allocation Error List

Foundation Enhancement

E-mail functionality:

· Sending documents in e-mail messages

Electronic Signatures workflow: can create a standard workflow to enable people to approve a change that requires an electronic signature by using the Microsoft Dynamics Workflow site, instead of approving it within Microsoft Dynamics GP.
Home Page:

· Viewing reminders as text or Cues

· Viewing Reporting Services metrics

· Viewing multiple metrics

Rapid Migration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Display security roles and tasks
Copy user security settings
Automatically logging on to Microsoft Dynamics GP and a company
Over 350 Web Services
New Web Service architecture increases speed and usability
Integration with Payment Services



Functional Area

Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

Financials and Compliance

· Reconciliation Tool between Payables, Receivables and General Ledger

· New 1099 options

· Improved collections reports

· Multi-year budgeting

· Encumbrance Management

Human Resources and US Payroll

· Retroactive Pay adjustments

· Sequence deductions

· Position Control

· Online benefit enrollment

Distribution and Manufacturing

· Track in-transit inventory

· Lot expiration management

· Reverse Manufacturing Order receipts after posting

Service and Project

· Flexible credits for cancelled contracts

· Track effective date for custom changes

· Preferred service times for service calls

· Assign multiple technicians to a service call

· Lot numbered item Support

Foundation Enhancement

· Over 220 Built-in refreshable Office Excel Reports

· Over 90 Built-in refreshable Microsoft SQL Reporting Services Reports

· Over 115 Built-in refreshable Microsoft SQL Reporting Services Charts and Graphs

· Simplify report creation with Excel Report Builder

· Create SQL Views for easier reporting+H25

· PivotTable® creator

· New Office user H26experience

· Workflow approvals

· Action Pane ribbon

· Enhanced search capabilities

· Role Based Security

· Integration Manager performance

· Create new windows without a developer

· Create notes categorized by business needs

· Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP Connector



Functional Area

Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0

Financials and Compliance

· Letter Writing Assistance for customer letters

· Multiple remit to address for vendors

Human Resources and US Payroll

· Payroll setup checklist

· Linked benefit and deduction Information

· Tighter attendance tracking between HR and Payroll

Distribution and Manufacturing

· Manufacturing status portal pages

· Enter sales orders and requisitions from outside of the full client

· Flexible line items to type over line item numbers

· Consolidate PO window

· Advanced Picking

Service and Project

· Customer extranets

· MapPoint integration

· Discontinued Item Sales

· Project budget updates by posting date

· Time and Expense processing in portal

Foundation Enhancement

· Analysis Cubes

· My Reports

· Microsoft® SQL

· Server® Reporting Services compatibility

· Role Tailored Home Pages

· Report Lists

· Add batches on the fly

· Installation packages for easy installs

· Setup checklists

· Password expirations and rules

· Introduction of Web Services

· Visual Studio integration



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