Monday, November 15, 2010

Thank you for all the love!

In the last few weeks I got feedback that many people found GPWindow.com to be slow. I checked the website analytics and found that over 4000 people were hitting the website everyday. I didn’t think that was too much, but the shared hosting GPWindow was on was having trouble keeping up.

So GPWindow.com now on a faster dedicated server! Let me know if you notice an improvement in speed.

Thank you all for the great feedback and reviews. Below are some highlights and some features highlighted by other bloggers and MVPs.

GPWindow.com Directory

Your window into the Microsoft Dynamics GP community – David Musgrave, Microsoft 

GPWindow: The next best thing after the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook - Mariano Gomez, MVP

GP Window – Mark Polino, MVP

Microsoft Dynamics GP Window - Mohammad R. Daoud – CTO, MVP

http://www.gpwindow.com/ – an absolute Masterpiece! - Leslie Vail, MVP, MCT

GPWindow - A Site for Dynamics GP Resources by Jivtesh - VAIDHYANATHAN MOHAN, MCP

GPWindow.com: Wonderful Resource - JANAKIRAM M.P

GPWindow.com – Thousands of GP Tips and Tricks from All MVPs and Experts – Jivtesh

Custom GP Search

GPWindow Now Searches Dynamics GP Communities and Forums (Alpha Version) – Jivtesh

Custom Search Engine to Search All Dynamics GP Blogs – David

Search for a Dynamics GP Window Path

GPWindow Tells Us Where's GP Windows Are – Vaidy

GPWindow: Where's that GP Window? – David

GP Support Tip : Sending a GP Window Path in an Email ? – Jivtesh

Security Helper Pages

Security Task/Role associated with a Dynamics GP Window – Jivtesh

GPWindow.com Articles

Support Debugging Tool Essential Series

GP ISV Product Reviews

Dynamics GP ISV Product Reviews at GPWindow.com – Jivtesh

Dynamics GP ISV Product Reviews at GPWindow.com – Mark Polino

Dynamics GP Blog Resources Compilation

Dynamics GP Customizations Summary – David

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