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46% consumers would prefer a Windows Tablet to an Android/iPad (but 98% buy an iPad ?)

  • Part 1 : 46% consumers would prefer a Windows Tablet to an Android/iPad (but 98% buy an iPad ?)
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    I was shocked when I read last week that - iPad and iPad 2 represent 98% of all tablet activations.

    Earlier this year a reports from Forrester concluded “Only 9% of consumers considering buying a tablet actively prefer an Android tablet — compared with 16% who prefer iOS and 46% who prefer Windows.” This was echoed by a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report earlier this month – “42 percent of U.S. consumers would like to buy a tablet that runs Microsoft’s operating system. That makes it the most desired OS by a significant margin, trailed by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.”

    I was wondering, how come people want a Windows Tablet more than anything, and iPad is leading with 98% activations ?


    First of all, the complete report claiming 98% dominance of iPad in the Tablet Market, states they have NOT taken - “BlackBerry or Windows Phone 7 activations into consideration.” Its not exclusively stated, but I don’t think Windows Tablets are taken into account either.

    Second, I think the marketing of Windows Tablets is so poor, it is really holding back the sales. There are good devices out there, people just don’t know about them yet.

    iPad 2 Vs Windows Tablet (My Experience)

    I was gifted an iPad 2 by Rubal,  after she tool pity at my saying “oh Man, I want an iPad 2” a million times in front of various people. Initially, I bought all the productivity apps like Good Reader, Pages, VNC Apps thinking I would use this for work, as well. However, after a few months I only use it for – browsing, reading (Kindle app), and playing games (Ticket to Ride, Cut the Rope, Scrabble). I have realized, if I wanted to send an illustrated email or write a blog post, it would take me 1/10th the time on my PC. 

    I did not want a Windows Tablet, but hearing about them from others, reading all the 5 star reviews and trying one out at a store– made me buy the Acer Iconia W500. The iPad is a great toy, and the Windows Tab is great for work. Last weekend, while visiting my parents – I took the Windows Tablet instead of the iPad. While reading a book on the Kindle App, when I had an idea – I was able to call a friend on Skype, share screens, and work on a document together. Try doing that on an iPad.

    Later I was able to watch some videos from a training site (they only have flash videos). I know HTML 5 is the future, but I hate it when I have to bookmark a video on the iPad because its only in flash.

    If you read just the news, you might have the impression that I had - till Windows 8 comes out, you are stuck with iPad / Android Tablets. However, having used a Windows Tablet – I think a Windows Tablet is a viable option, right row. If you plan to get some work done, a Windows Tablet like the Iconia is the more efficient, and cost effective option.

    It took me more than a week to research about various apps I needed to be productive on the iPad (Goodreader, VNC apps, document editing apps). However, on the Windows Tablet, I was up and running in a couple of hours, and able to do things I still can’t do on my iPad!

    Below is my summary comparison after having using both an iPad 2 and a Windows Tablet (Acer Iconia W500).




    iPad 2




    Acer Iconia (Windows Tablet)




    Note : I am comparing “out of the box” features. I know you can buy an add-on keyboard dock foro iPad 2 or buy a camera connection kit.

    In the iPad’s favor – it is lighter, and has better games. Its popular with the kids and the grandparents.

    However, in everything else the Acer Iconia W500 beats it hands down. In the past few weeks everybody who has seen me use my Iconia has said something to the effect – “Thank you for showing me this!  I was thinking of which Tablet I should buy, and this seems like just what I want.”

    If you are still not sure – ask your friend carrying an iPad  to do this– dock two windows/apps side by side. 


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    Tried Windows 8 DP on the tablet?New Metro UI optimized for tablets.

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    it was awesome!!