Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Using Lync with Business Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics GP to collaborate effectively

Yesterday, I had a video showing how awesome Business Analyzer is running on a Windows Touch Tablet. Today, I teamed up with Rubal to show you how you can use Lync with Business Analyzer to make things even more awesome. All this time, I am using the Windows Tablet running Business Analyzer and Lync.

Business Analyzer has over 256 reports.  Using the integration with Lync you can assign certain people as contacts, to specific reports. After that you can use the Lync messenger/Email to collaborate on reports with them.

In the video below, I connect with Rubal who is a contact for the Customer Sales report. After that we have a video call via Lync, and she shares her screen to further drill down on the report in GP. The ‘wow moment’ is when she can drill back to Dynamics GP 2010 from the report to view Sales Person details.

Watch the video here - http://youtu.be/KyG-zZTPnX0

Below are some screenshots -

Rubal’s name shows up with the Customer Sales report as she has been added as a Contact with that report.


From here, I can easily bring up the Lync Messenger window and get in touch with Rubal


Once connected, Rubal shares her screen


She drills down on the report, and the sales person link takes us back to Dynamics GP



If you are still getting started with Business Analyzer – sign up for my Business Analyzer presentation at DECISIONS 2011 

PS - I am using the Acer Iconia W500 in these videos.  You can check out my comparison of iPad 2 with Acer Iconia W500

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