Monday, April 1, 2013

Upgrading to GP 2013 ?

Kelly Youells and her team at Microsoft Dynamics Support and Services blog, have just started a fantastic series of posts - Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Upgrade Blog Series Schedule!!  I highly recommend checking it out. I attended Kelly’s session at Convergence and she had some fantastic insights.

Here’s a summary of notes I created for my quick reference -

Upgrade Paths from GP 10, GP 2010 to GP 2013-

  • If you are on GP 2010, you must be on at least build 11.00.1860 which is after GP2010 SP2
  • In order to upgrade from GP10 to GP2013, you must be on at least GP10 build 10.00.1779 which is after GP10 SP5
  • If you are upgrading from GP 9, you need to first upgrade to GP 10 or GP 2010.

Product Changes

  • Extender is no longer an installable feature in the GP 2013 DVD – you need to get it from eOne
  • Audit Trails and Electronic Signatures are no longer an installable feature in the GP 2013 DVD – you need to get it from Merit Solutions
  • Collections Management is under Additional Products
  • Don’t install web client run time on all machines - Only install on Web Client Session Host Servers

Review the “Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013” page on Partnersource/CustomerSource for latest news / updated documentation. This is updated frequently based on feedback from customers/partners, so if you read it last month – go read it again before commencing a new upgrade.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 System Requirements https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource/documentation/systemrequirements/mdgp2013_system_requirements.htm?printpage=false

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 upgrade manual

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 what’s new guide


Product release downloads for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Service pack, Hotfix, and compliance update releases for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

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